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Are you limiting your team’s success?

If you are a business owner or leader of a team, repeat after me: “It’s all my fault.” Wait, what? Yes, the buck stops with you. You are ultimately responsible for your team’s success. Let’s assume that you have hired a great team. Bright “go-getters” who want nothing more than to be part of a […]


Leaders lead…people

Leaders of all kinds – from CEOs to department managers to Little League coaches, in businesses, non-profits, and volunteer organizations – take on responsibilities that not everyone wants.  Most leaders step into those roles because they feel called to lead.  It’s their duty.  Yes, the recognition and financial rewards may be desirable, but those rewards […]

It’s all in HOW you do it

“What do I need to do to I move up in the organization?” Whether I’m mentoring people just starting out in their careers or coaching an employee one-on-one, that is an often-asked question. Many assume learning a new product or service, earning certifications, or going back to school is the answer. I encourage people to […]

Reach your goals

The calendar has flipped to a new year, and that means one thing: businesses and individuals have set goals and made resolutions, all with good intentions. But good intentions alone won’t get you to your goals. People innately want something to strive for, something to make us stretch and grow, something to make us better, […]