Process, Structure, and Strategy

We focus on all three levels of the operations hierarchy:  Process, Structure, and Strategy. 

Process focuses on how you deliver your products and services and ensures you are doing so effectively and using best practices.

Structure is put into place so you can measure performance, protect against the unforeseen, and stay compliant with rules and regulations. 

Strategy takes your company’s DNA – your vision and your values – and creates a pathway to success in your market space. 

Process and Structure must be aligned to support your Strategy for your company to maximize its success.





Who We Help

We work with business owners to ensure all aspects of their operations are sound and aligned.  From younger companies who know they need to add structure and process to support their growing organization to more established firms that want to improve some aspect of their operations, OPG can help.


Why use a fractional COO or on-demand operations executive?  Sometimes a firm is not ready for a full-time COO or needs additional resources and a fresh look from someone outside the company. A competent owner, founder, or CEO may be overloaded and not able to focus on strategic issues, raising capital, or being the brand ambassador.  Other leadership team members are spread too thin and spend valuable time fighting fires.  The company needs a skilled executive to provide operational and business expertise to help balance the load.  The firm may only need someone a few days (2 – 5) per month or to lead a strategic initiative.  Pay only for what you need.


OPG seeks to serve the small and midi-sized services business community in the Atlanta metro and surrounding areas including the Middle Georgia, Greenville/Anderson South Carolina, Auburn, Alabama and Chattanooga, Tennessee areas.  Virtual COO services are also offered.