About Opal Partners

Opal Partners Group, LLC (OPG) is a Fractional COO and business coaching firm founded by Cary Matthews built on his experience leading small businesses for more than twenty years.

My Story

Cary earned a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from Auburn University. He had the benefit of working for Fortune 100 companies early in his career where he learned first-hand some of the tools and concepts he brings to small businesses now. After taking a chance on a start-up company, he developed his passion for small businesses and has invested the rest of his career in leading and working with business owners.

Managing Partner, Opal Partners Group

Prior to starting OPG, Cary was COO and EVP of Operations for several small businesses in the greater Atlanta area.

In those roles, he led many facets of the businesses including project management, support services, accounting, human resources, engineering, and logistics departments.

Some of the improvements he achieved include reducing time to invoice customers by 80%, improving cash flow, increasing gross profit by 10% while absorbing a 30% increase in sales, and shortening training curriculum development time and reduced training delivery costs by 30%.

What our Clients are Saying


Working with Cary provided me with my first experience engaging a fractional executive, and he has set the bar extremely high.  With Cary’s guidance, our organization is more focused on the details that bring
our vision to fruition.

Tyler Y

Cary has been fantastic to work with. His ability to facilitate a process that enabled us to clarify our objectives and course of action was essential to the creation of our strategic plan.

Penny S

Working with Cary has really transformed the way we approach challenges. In countless instances where complex issues led to prolonged debates and concerns, Cary’s expertise proved to be a game changer. He possesses a unique ability to dissect issues, eliminating unnecessary complexities so that the problem and solution are suddenly simple and clear. Having Cary’s input has consistently resulted in simplified and effective outcomes, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

Angie L, CFO

I have been privileged to know Cary Matthews for over twenty years and to work with him on a consistent basis for the past several years in our intellectual property company. Cary has been instrumental in leading projects focused on improving our team’s productivity through custom software solutions, digital marketing and branding plans and execution, and integration of custom developed software for internet based productivity through specialized online inspection and royalty reporting and payment systems. He is a vital member of our team who delivers significant ROI in every matter he touches for us.

Ken M, Vice President

Cary is a someone you can trust with a commitment to excellence that consistently delivers outstanding results. His exceptional skills in operational management combined with his strength in collaborating with people made him a driving force in scaling our business.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Cary for his remarkable ability to turn your vision into impactful results. 

Derek N

Why Work with OPG?

We get you. We’ve been leaders in small businesses for over twenty years and have been faced with many of the same challenges you have. Our passion is to share what we’ve learned and serve business owners.

Our experience combined with the tools and systems we have can help you get the results in your business – and your life – that you want.

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