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You may have a good team, but your business isn’t operating as well as it could. Your team isn’t focused and execution is lacking. As the founder, you feel frustrated and stuck.

The System & Soul (S2) business framework balances process and people to help small business teams go from inconsistent and dysfunctional to accountable and thriving. You’ll move from founder-led to leadership-team led.

How healthy is your team?


A System of Engagement Designed to Create



Magnetic Vision

Unite teams around a common vision and help them execute on it daily.


Focused Strategy

Build in the foundational tools and practices so teams stay focused on the right goals and stay accountable.

Confident Execution

Live out a healthy culture with a power drive to get things done that matter to the big picture. 

S2 aligns everyone in your company around a shared vision to create focus on your strategy so you can execute confidently.


Get your entire leadership team on the same page. Literally!

Download this free road map and develop and one-page business plan that will align your vision and focus your strategy so that you can execute with confidence.

What our Clients are Saying


Working with Cary provided me with my first experience engaging a fractional executive, and he has set the bar extremely high.  With Cary’s guidance, our organization is more focused on the details that bring
our vision to fruition.

Tyler Y

Cary has been fantastic to work with. His ability to facilitate a process that enabled us to clarify our objectives and course of action was essential to the creation of our strategic plan.

Penny S

System & Soul is a business framework that doesn’t just focus on processes, it balances process and people – the soul of your business.

Need more clarity?

Who is System & Soul (S2) a fit for?

It’s been found to be ideal for companies with $2+ million in annual revenue and 10+ full-time employees, but larger and smaller businesses can benefit from S2.

Is S2 designed for a certain industry?

System & Soul is industry-agnostic. It is a framework to help your team lead well rather than an operations manual.

How is S2 different?

All business frameworks share many of the same basic components.  However, the people in your business are its heart and soul, and System & Soul (S2) is built on the humanity of the organization.

Ready to take your first step towards breaking through to a new level of performance?

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