Transformation takes effort. We see examples of it every day in the world around us. Let’s take the butterfly as an example.

The journey a butterfly takes from egg to caterpillar to butterfly is more fascinating that I ever realized.

When it is time to change from caterpillar to butterfly, the caterpillar builds a cocoon or chrysalis around itself. Later, a butterfly will emerge.

But what happens in between is amazing.

The caterpillar releases enzymes that literally dissolves its own tissues. Certain cells survive, and they become the basis for the different body parts of the mature butterfly. The dissolved tissues become the fuel for rapid growth that follows.

In some species, the nervous system may remain untouched and preserve what the butterfly learned as a caterpillar.

Lastly the butterfly emerges. It takes great energy and the process of emerging builds its muscles and prepares it for flight.

Wonderful transformation.

The caterpillar is willing to tear itself down and rebuild itself into something beautiful, giving its the capability to fly that it never had before. It can now go further and do more than it could as a caterpillar.

That same power resides in us. We can transform our businesses. We can keep what we’ve learned from our past successes and failures and build something even better. We can restructure to meet the needs of the future.

But, as the caterpillar shows, it means we have to break our business down and reorganize it into what it will become.

It takes guts, confidence, determination, and vision.

The System & Soul roadmap and tools give you a proven methodology so you can navigate this process confidently. Ready to start the journey to for the next stage of your business’ life? Let’s talk.

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May 29, 2024

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