Ending a professional relationship

Parting ways with an employee is one of the most difficult endings a leader must face.  We deal with ending a professional relationship today in our third post on “The End”.

Every employee is going to leave the business at some point.  We may not like it but understand when someone retires, or moves, or leaves for family issues.  Voluntary resignations are easier to deal with than involuntary terminations.

Managers usually know and realize when they must terminate someone for performance reasons.  It’s still not easy, and you know you are changing someone’s life that day, but it must be done.  Ending a professional relationship is sometimes necessary for the health of the business.

It’s even harder when you have to make that call and the termination is not “for cause.”

No manager likes telling an employee that the needs of the business have outgrown their capabilities and skills.

That their department or line of business has been eliminated.

That the company is having a reduction in force to remain competitive for the market conditions.

Those hurt. Looking into the eyes of a person you’ve worked with and giving them bad news is awful for both parties.

We have to believe we are making the right decisions for the right reasons, protecting the business as a whole even though individual lives are affected.

When you must terminate an employee, be human.  Respect them by being honest and getting straight to the point.  Treat them fairly.  Let them say their goodbyes.  And above all, understand the emotions they are experiencing and make the process as easy as you can.

Ending a professional relationship is tough, and businesses must have the right people in the right seats.  If you struggle in this area, reach out to us at https://www.linkedin.com/in/cmatt/ or CONTACT US.

February 6, 2024

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