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A failure of leadership

“What took you so long?” It was the worst feedback I ever received in my career.  And it came from someone I managed, not my manager. I had failed to act.  I failed to lead.  I didn’t make the tough decision.  I thought I was being nice.  I thought I was getting results by keeping […]

Do you need a fractional COO?

As a business owner, have you wished you had someone to help you execute your vision?  Or someone to focus on day-to-day operations?  Perhaps you need a trusted advisor to discuss issues of strategy and execution?  It may be time to consider hiring a fractional COO. What is a Fractional COO? A COO, or Chief […]

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Organizational Clarity is Critical

A lack of organizational clarity may be the root of many of the issues you face. Without organizational clarity, you have no accountability.  Team members don’t know what is expected. They don’t know how their performance will be judged. They don’t know what the standard is. When employees aren’t clear on expectations and outcomes, they […]


A Prayer for our Nation

The coronavirus and its effects on our communities are evident all around us.  We are awash in information and misinformation, given opinions that run from wildly pessimistic to optimistic, and left confused and not knowing who or what to believe. We don’t have to be led by fear and uncertainty.  We can remember that God […]

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The 4 C’s of Accountability

Do you wish you had more accountability in your organization?  Business owners commonly express the need for more accountability when talking about their challenges.  I have found leaders actually mistake other issues for a lack of accountability.  Leaders build accountability over time using what I call the 4 C’s. Clarity – Sometimes people mistake accountability […]