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What were you made to do?

Each one of us is wonderfully and uniquely made.  We were made for something purposeful.  Are you doing what you were made to do? This question applies equally to your personal life and your work life. No one else has the same mix of gifts, skills, education, experiences, and personality as you.  There are certain […]


You Need a Plan

Years ago I was helping someone cut down two trees from a clump of trees in their backyard.  The first one fell exactly where we wanted. As we started on the second one, it started leaning in the wrong direction, pointed right at their house. We stopped so we could hopefully change the outcome.  We […]

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Driving blind

No sane personal turns off their headlines and attempts to drive down a road at night. Cars have headlights for a reason:  to illuminate what’s ahead and help you get where you are going.  Mirrors and gauges serve similar purposes. Businesses are no different. You need tools to help you understand how you’ve done, the […]


A failure of leadership

“What took you so long?” It was the worst feedback I ever received in my career.  And it came from someone I managed, not my manager. I had failed to act.  I failed to lead.  I didn’t make the tough decision.  I thought I was being nice.  I thought I was getting results by keeping […]

Do you need a fractional COO?

As a business owner, have you wished you had someone to help you execute your vision?  Or someone to focus on day-to-day operations?  Perhaps you need a trusted advisor to discuss issues of strategy and execution?  It may be time to consider hiring a fractional COO. What is a Fractional COO? A COO, or Chief […]