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Culture – policed or created?

Today I read an article that called HR the department responsible “for policing personnel actions and culture.” That struck me as odd. Culture shouldn’t be policed. Leaders model and nurture it; employees create it. Culture is the environment and personality of a company. It is the result of thousands of interactions a day between employees […]


Lessons from a reality show

I’ll admit I’m a fan of survival reality shows like Survivorman and Naked and Afraid.  These shows are entertaining to watch and you can learn lessons from them too.  I find The History Channel’s Alone to be one of the more engaging ones.  The contestants aren’t just fighting the elements for their survival – they […]

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Why? Why not?

These may be the two most important – and least-asked – questions.  “Why?” makes you think about purpose.  “Why not?” opens you up to new possibilities. Let’s start with why. The answer to this question identifies the reason behind a decision or an action.   It is purpose.  Motivation. If you are making sound decision, your […]

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Gain more by giving away

“I’m too busy.” “I don’t have time.” “I have too many priorities fighting for my attention.” Sound familiar? In times where we are expected to do more with less and where immediate isn’t fast enough, we’ve all felt that way. It’s worse when we think we must do it all ourselves. That kind of thinking […]

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When many people hear the word “structure” in a business sense, they immediately think about the organizational structure or the org chart.  That’s an important element of structure, but it is not the only one by far. In the Operations hierarchy, Structure is any framework that allows you to measure the outcomes of your efforts […]


Let’s talk about Process

Process is the most basic element of operations.  In a nutshell, it is how you deliver your products or services.  You probably have several processes that define the steps your teams perform the essential tasks that produce revenue and drive customer satisfaction. But it doesn’t end there.  Your business has many other processes that you […]