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Can you afford to grow? Can you afford not to?

Growth: Can you afford it? “Grow or die!” is a common, well-accepted business principal. Businesses must innovate, stay relevant, seek new customers, add locations, and offer new products. But growth brings its own challenges. You have more products/services to support. You need more people. Rapid hiring makes maintaining culture harder. New tools and technology – […]

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Simple habits to make you more productive

I’ve read a number of blogs and articles recently about how successful people start their day or the habits they follow.  As I reflected on the insights in those articles, two things became apparent. First, people want to implement simple changes to make them more productive. Second, helping businesses improve their processes is enhanced by […]

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Are your employees engaged?

According to a Gallup report, only 34% of US employees are actively engaged in their jobs.  Gallup defines “engaged” as “involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.” What about the other 66%?  13% are “actively disengaged,” and a whopping 53% are “not engaged” which means they show up and do their […]

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Culture – policed or created?

Today I read an article that called HR the department responsible “for policing personnel actions and culture.” That struck me as odd. Culture shouldn’t be policed. Leaders model and nurture it; employees create it. Culture is the environment and personality of a company. It is the result of thousands of interactions a day between employees […]


Lessons from a reality show

I’ll admit I’m a fan of survival reality shows like Survivorman and Naked and Afraid.  These shows are entertaining to watch and you can learn lessons from them too.  I find The History Channel’s Alone to be one of the more engaging ones.  The contestants aren’t just fighting the elements for their survival – they […]